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"Arrestingly creative - McNeill effortlessly introduces one of the most interesting worlds and stories that demands to be reread."

Laviana Fontaine

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★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"A landmark novel that pulls you into a world of danger and intrigue. Somehow blends science fiction, fantasy and steampunk into it's own language and genre. A must read for lovers of other worlds and careful intrigue. Full of characters and places you'll obsess over for years to come."

August Watt, Watts Publishing


Snow falls on Carthage skyport. Rumours of revolution stir in the east, while the denizens of Carthage prepare for the mid-winter festival.

Among the areonauts and revellers is the loud-mouthed Maynard Trigg, the councillor's son. When a pirate from his family's past appears warning of coming danger, Maynard is swept from his life into an adventure that spans across opensky, drawing him toward the heart of civilization, and embroils him in the storm of a bloody revolution that awaits the resurrection of a dead King.

Welcome to the world of Maynard Trigg.

  • An unexpected hero

    Follow Maynard Trigg, a brash, loud-mouthed youngster as he flees from Carthage skyport into the dangerous world of thieves, revolutionaries and pirates.

  • A new world to uncover

    Discover the diverse and dangerous openskies where mysterious Dust separates the world from what lies below, and great galleons ferry passengers and pirates alike from skyport to skyport.

  • Stand with legends

    Join legendary Detectors Abbey Blackthorn, Moony The Crow, and come face to face with the explosive events that inch the world once more to revolution.

★ ★ ★ ★ ★

"The story is an adventure and mystery, wrapped up comfortably in a low science fiction/steampunk aesethic that is rendered with beautiful minimalism. I recommend this novel for the story alone, and implore review and re-read to unpack the layers at work."

Sandry, Goodreads

  • A heart stopping thriller

    Maynard's father goes missing and a strange, cloaked creature puruses him, forcing Maynard into a journey across opensky to discover the secrets of his father's past.

  • Revolution and conspiracy

    Dangerous forces stir in dark cornerns of taprooms and whispers of a dead King's return stir in the east, and somehow everyone seems to know Maynard's father, a lowly, nobody councillor.