The Fantasy Book You've Been Looking For


The Punchy Fantasy Book You've Been Looking For

Fantasy isn't about wizards and swords, it's about great stories, told well. There's a constant stream of young adult sci fi and fantasy that's just plain dull - so, we published a book that's no BS from start to finish - it's a character driven story with action, adventure, intrigue and a mystery worth reading twice.

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What's it about?

Maynard Trigg and The Creature Beneath The Veil is about a boy who lives a carefree life in the slums of Carthage skyport, but when a pirate appears claiming to have been sent to protect Maynard from a murderous creature, he is thrust into a life of magic, theft, and deceit.

The book has:

  • A cast of compelling characters
  • A fascinating world
  • A mystery to solve


What people are saying


"Brilliant!! Simple, thrilling adventure with vibes of Tintin, Firefly, Fallout & Harry Potter but has it's own thing going."

Steve D, Geelong

"We loved every second of the story it's a strange, exciting world with really strongly bedded characters who are flung from safety and into danger. If you read no further, I recommend this to anyone who loves reading great adventures with lots of heart."

Tara, Austin

"Comprehensively brilliant: the book is so easy to read it's almost a crime!"

Devin, Melbourne

"It's everything I love about fantasy books without any of the high concept pretention or uppity attitude."

Michael, Brisbane

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