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Maynard Trigg and The City of Whispers

Maynard Trigg and The City of Whispers

By D.C. McNeill

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The intense, vibrant sequel to the best selling Maynard Trigg, a brilliant mystery set in a school of extraordinary characters where no one is safe - Clyde Hollanback

The City of Whispers follows the events of The Creature Beneath The Veil as Maynard and his allies put The Harmony behind them, seeking shelter at The Crucible, a great school of learning.

But when students go missing and coded messages begin to appear, Maynard must choose between the truth, and his new life.

At the heart of it all, the Master Detector, a man who may be far more than he seems, and a myth about a hidden city...

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Industry Reviews

"McNeill does the impossible: an intricate sequel that keeps you turning one more page until you reach the end."

Amina Hamdan

"Few books can pull you through with such pace and detail, then leave you questioning how you imagine your own history. I haven't stopped thinking about this book for weeks."

Verity Hawthorne, MetaFour Monthly

"Both a genre romp and a meditation that delivers an expansion of Maynard's world while running rings around everything I loved about Harry Potter. A masterful handle of the craft that had me grinning, punching the air and gasping. I can't wait for what's next."

Kerstin V. Jene

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