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Maynard Trigg and The Creature Beneath The Veil

Maynard Trigg and The Creature Beneath The Veil

By D.C. McNeill

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A captivating adventure that grips you from cover to cover in a fantastic new world of sky pirates, myths and danger - Clyde Hollanback

Maynard Trigg lives carefree in the muddied slums of Carthage Skyport making mischief at the expense of his loving father, his friends, and teachers.

But when a pirate appears, claiming to have been sent to protect Maynard from a murderous creature, he is thrust into a life of magic, theft, and deceit.

A life, he promised himself, he would never pursue.

 4.56 stars (100+ Reviews) on GoodReads

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Industry Reviews

"Arrestingly creative - McNeill effortlessly introduces one of the most interesting worlds and stories that demands to be reread."

Lavinia Fontaine

"A landmark work that pulls you into a world of danger and intrigue. Somehow blends science fiction, fantasy and steampunk into it's own language and genre. Feels not just the start of a story but the continuation of a classic series that never was. A must read for lovers of other worlds and careful intrigue."

August Watt, Watts Publishing

"The comparisons to Stephen King's Dark Tower and Gaiman's are inevitable - Maynard Trigg contains wit and style, luxuriating in the strangeness of its world with confidence and subtlety."

Yazmin Al-Mansour

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