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Maynard Trigg and The Vanishing Empire

Maynard Trigg and The Vanishing Empire

By D.C. McNeill

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A finely tuned thrill ride that feels it might buck the tracks at any moment, even as the next page might spell doom, you'll keep turning to learn more about the cryptic waystation or the dastardly pirate crew. McNeill's third installment delivers on everything the series has been building to: not just his best work yet, it's one of the best books I've read in a long time - Mia Wells, FF Reflections

Living in The Crucible's twisting halls, Maynard's life is finally starting to make sense. But when an old enemy resurfaces, Maynard must flee to the mysterious waystation, Harfwere.

When a traveler's body is found, tensions among the superstitious locals, visiting pirates and self-appointed sheriff reach fever-pitch.

Hunted and defenseless, Maynard and his allies strike a perilous deal to descend into the forgotten tunnels beneath the waystation, accompanied by a woman who speaks in riddles and stories that portend the return of a cursed creature said to slumber beneath the waystation.

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Industry Reviews

"Impossible to think this series hasn't always been around. Truly timeless. Never before has the skies felt so textured and real."

Verity Hawthorne, MetaFour Monthly

"Creepy and hopeful and melancholic, the waystation is so well realised I can't do it justice: every single character, place and object feel infused with history and motivation. Will literally keep you guessing until the last page.
Left my chest aching. Just... wow."

Kerstin V. Jene

"Once again I find myself itching to reread the series after putting book three down. Stunning. Precise. It takes many authors decades to paint such a rich world with such nuance and depth, all layered over a break-neck pace, just brilliant."

Nora Black

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